CLEARANCE Algae Mousse, 1.75 oz.–Use before Sept. 15, 2019


CLEARANCE Algae Mousse, 1.75 oz.–Use before Sept. 15, 2019

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Note: With an expiration date of a few months ago, we still consider this product perfect for use until the end of 2018.

This mineralizing facial mask is powered by organic algae, a natural source of polysaccharides. Proven to rebuild the skin’s protective layers, hydrate, and increase hydration retention, Ageless Algae Mousse is an exceptional mineralizing mask that reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

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Certified organic by Ecocert® and Cosmebio® and contains a minimum of 95% plant-based ingredients. Free of all GMOs, parabens, sulfates, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicon, PEG, synthetic perfumes and dyes, or animal-derived ingredients. 

Unique ingredients are:

  • Algae extract: Rich in trace minerals, proteins, vitamins and omega 3, this seaweed (Laminaria digitata) mineralizes, revitalizes and moisturizes. It firms and tones the skin and is recommended in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Aquaxyl: Aquaxyl offers a three-dimensional hydration concept: 1) the optimization of water circulation through all layers of the skin; 2) the establishment of a water-retaining barrier in the skin within 24 hours; 3) the smoothing away of fines lines for softer, properly desquamated skin in 28 days/ Aquaxyl is composed of three plant-based natural sugars and is gluten-free.
  • Verbena flower water: This flower water cools, softens and soothes. It has a calming mood effect and is recommended for nervous or depressed people. It is also known for its firming and healing action on skin and is consequently recommended for cases of psoriasis of nervous origin.
  • Sweet almond oil: Rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids (it contains about 70% Omega 9) and in vitamins, sweet almond oil lends nourishing, soothing, protective and hydrating properties to the skin. Additionally, it is anti-inflammatory. It is a softener and a tonic for skin and hair and recommended for dry dandruff.
  • Glycerin (vegetal): Of vegetal origin, it smoothes and moisturizes the skin and serves as an effective skin lubricant.
  • Vitamin E: The main antioxidant of the organism, it protects cells against free radicals and prevents oils from going rancid.


Sweet almond

Sweet almond

How to Use

👉🏼Spread a thin film (a nickel size amount) of Algae Mousse over face, neck and décolleté; leave on for fifteen minutes then massage the face and neck gently just before rinsing well with water; finish with Ageless Skin Toner.