The Five Secrets Serum and Five Secrets Cream Duo for a 3-Week Cure

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The Five Secrets Serum and Cream Kit is Ageless La Cure's ultimate anti-aging serum, moisturizer and treatment system. The restorative facial anti-aging Serum and Cream duo mineralizes the skin and diminishes wrinkles from the inside out in just three weeks. The Ageless kit will hydrate, mineralize, restructure, provide antioxidants, and tone and lift the skin. Let the anti-aging treatment offered by this results-oriented kit make you look and feel more youthful and beautiful.


Facial Cleansing Foam

Award-winning gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types and skin concerns such as sensitive skin and acne. This natural, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic Cleansing Foam from Ageless La Cure provides hydration and restores the natural protective pH of the skin.

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A balanced blend that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.  A proprietary blend of organic witch-hazel flower water and organic rose flower water to tone, soothe, and regenerate the skin. It’s extra gentle, effective for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Pink Clay Mask

Ageless La Cure Clay Mask is a plentiful source of natural mineralization, powered by kaolin clay silica which improves hydration, gently removes dead skin cells and toxins, improves circulation, and encourages natural regeneration. It restores balance and erases common visible signs of aging and is an effective anti-aging moisturizer.

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Algae Mousse

The mineralizing facial mask is powered by organic algae, a natural source of polysaccharides. Proven to rebuild the skin’s protective layers, hydrate, and increase hydration-retention, Ageless Algae Mousse is an exceptional mineralizing mask that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Ageless Algae Mousse is an effective anti-aging moisturizer.

Phyto Peel

Phyto Peel is a restorative facial peel that exfoliates, tones, and tightens the skin. Powered by tropical fruit extract of mango and banana, a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), Phyto Peel also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with twice weekly use.

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Pigmentation Cream

A balanced pigmentation cream with proven ingredients to reduce and eliminate brown spots as well as inhibit melanin production that causes new spots to form. Made potent by the Alpine Edelweiss flower and Japanese Wakame seaweed, these ingredients are ideal for combatting brown spots associated with aging or sun damaged skin.

Extreme Hydrating Cream

Rated by the Swiss Skin Test Institute an "Excellent Moisturizer," their highest score


Award winning Ageless La Cure Extreme Hydrating Cream goes beyond the typical wrinkle cream, packed with a pure balance of organic oils and compounds designed to provide extreme hydration and protection when skin needs it most. It's clinically proven to deliver a 50% increase moisture improvement in a few hours and up to 60% in two weeks. Extreme Hydrating Cream, as the name implies, is a supremely effective anti-aging moisturizer.

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Firming Eye Serum

Ageless La Cure Eye Serum is a preventative and restorative serum balanced to strengthen, tighten, and tone around the eye where signs of age are most visible. In place of an eye cream, Firming Eye Serum is formulated with the ancient beech tree bud extract and Easyliance, a high-tech fair trade natural compound proven to provide instant tightening. If you're looking for the best eye cream for wrinkles or the best eye cream for puffiness, bags and dark circles, Firming Eye Serum is your answer.

Nourishing Cream

Nourishing Cream is another product that goes far beyond the ordinary wrinkle cream. A wonderful anti-aging moisturizer, incredibly nourishing and hydrating with jojoba and shea butter, Nourishing Cream is especially effective for sensitive, cracked or dry skin. With a powerful balance of hydrating compounds, the cream's pure ingredients and essential oils easily absorb into your skin to provide non-greasy protection and rich, glowing skin.

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Get the Entire Line (excluding Pigmentation Cream) and Save $163

Ageless 9-Product Line at 25% Off

Cleansing Foam (reg. $49)
Skin Toner (reg. $43)
Pink Clay Mask (reg. $52)
Algae Mousse (reg. $50)
PHYTO Peel (reg. $76)
Firming Eye Serum (reg. $86)
Nourishing Cream (reg. $74)
Five Secrets Facial Serum and Cream Kit for a Three-Week Cure* (reg. $220)

*Five Secrets Facial Serum and Cream Kit is Two Products in One Box

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Optional Energetic Products to Further Heighten Your Ageless La Cure Experience

Oligo 5, 1.75 oz.
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Oligo 5 Mineral Spray

A 100% natural origin mineral delivery spray for the skin; 'Oligo' comes from the Greek 'oligoi,' meaning few or containing a relatively small number of units. In this case, these units are manganese, cobalt, zinc, magnesium and copper (plus algae) in PHYTO5's 100% natural origin Oligo5 sensational product.

Phyt'Ether Natural Facial Serum (Wood)

For oily skin, blackheads and hyper-pigmentation. It balances the flow of vital energy.

Phyt'Ether Natural Facial Serum (Fire)

For red, sensitive skin, excessive perspiration, and couperose. It balances the energy of red blood circulation.

Phyt'Ether Natural Facial Serum (Metal)

This completely natural facial serum is recommended for demineralized dry skin and skin lacking oxygenation. It balances the energy of venous (blue blood) circulation.

Phyt'Ether Natural Facial Serum (Water Element)

This completely natural anti-age serum is recommended for skin in need of hydration, toning, and improved elasticity. It balances the energy of Water circulation. 

Phyt'Ether Natural Facial Serum (Earth)

This completely natural anti-age serum is recommended for treating toxicity, blemishes, and acne. It balances the energy of lymph circulation.

White Clay Mask, 3.5 oz.
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White Clay Mask

For face, body and scalp; naturally colored white clay rich in essential oils for mineralization and oxygenation