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The Five Secrets Serum and Five Secrets Cream Duo for a 3-Week Cure

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Ageless La Cure's restorative Facial Serum and Cream duo mineralizes the skin and diminishes wrinkles from the inside out in just three weeks. The anti-aging serum and cream in the Ageless La Cure kit will hydrate, mineralize, restructure, provide antioxidants, and tone and lift the skin. Let the Ageless La Cure's ultimate anti-aging treatment make you look and feel more youthful and beautiful.

Due to the presence of potent natural essential oils, all products have the following warning: “Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women."

Ageless La Cure skincare is just incredible. I'm only addressing the dryness and wrinkles at this moment. I plan to address the age spots afterwards. I attached the before and after pictures. I'm amazed!... I believe people should know what they are missing by not using these products. –M. Hernandez

Key Ingredients


Ageless La Cure Kit:  Three week face cure 

Les 5 Secret Serum:  Key Ingredients

Commiphora mukul extract: Well known in Ayurvedic medicine, this resin is extracted from a root similar to that of the myrrh tree. The extract helps fill in wrinkles by increasing the synthesis of lipids. It acts as a wrinkle-filling and plumping agent while it tones and offers a profound lifting action. 

Damask rose essential oil: Tis essential oil soothes irritation and redness and tones and regenerates the skin. It works to help reduce fine lines and to free up congested skin. The Damask rose, often called the king of flowers, is at once beautiful and unparallelled in fragrance. The flower water is astringent and refreshing. 

Apricot kernel essential oil: This oil contains approximately 90% polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omegas 6 and 9). Very rich in vitamins A and E, it is nourishing, hydrating and has anti-wrinkle properties. It naturally softens and revitalizes the skin and is particularly recommended for mature, dry or sensitive skin and skin lacking tone. 

Manganese: This trace mineral is involved in the synthesis of vitamin B1. It acts against free radicals as it soothes, calms and protects the skin. It restructures lipids and regenerates filaggrin which consolidates the protective mantle of the epidermis.

 Tara and acacia gum: A food grade natural gelling agent with good film forming properties, tara and acacia gum gives natural gels a very velvety and non-greasy texture. 

Witch hazel flower water: Astringent and soothing, witch hazel flower water is anti-inflammatory and naturally antioxidant-rich. It opposes the constriction of blood vessels. Its numerous flavonoids help to protect capillaries and increase resistance to skin eruptions. It is exceptional for the fragile area around the eyes (dark circles and bags) and for sensitive skin that is especially vulnerable to rashes, eczema, couperose and rosacea. Witch hazel works to refine the skin, close pores, tone the skin and prevents lines and wrinkles.

98.4% of total ingredients are from natural origin.  81.8 % of total ingredients are from organic farming.

How To Use

How to use: use once in the evening applying 1- 2 drops of the Serum to face and neck by gently massaging it in well, following the cleansing and toning and before the Five Secrets Cream. 


Award winning cure: When used with the Five Secrets Cream, this restorative anti-aging facial serum works to diminishes wrinkles from the inside out during the recommended three-week cure with the Ageless duo. The serum and cream product duo will hydrate, mineralize, restructure, provide antioxidants, tone, contours and lifts the skin.