About Us

Ageless La Cure is produced by Laboratoire Gibro, in the picturesque small mountain town of Fleurier, Switzerland. Gibro exemplifies Swiss quality and attention to detail, having produced luxury skin care products since the 1970’s. Catering to discriminating hotels and spa professionals in over 18 countries around the globe distinguish themselves by featuring Gibro’s extensive product line and proprietary treatments.
Our International Award Winning products include all natural cleansers, toners, hydrating creams, masks, and serums that work in synergy with nature to rejuvenate and maintain healthy, younger, looking skin.

Laboratoire Gibro's team of talented chemists have pioneered the use of premium grade natural essential oils to provide unparalleled potency to our products. Gibro has demonstrated their unique ability, for nearly forty years, to create synergistic products by optimizing the delicate and complex chemical compounds found in natural essential oils and blending them with high quality traditional ingredients.

Ageless La Cure is the culmination of decades of research, commitment to craft and scientific precision, with one goal in mind - to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.
All of our skin care products integrate cutting-edge Swiss technology, state of the art manufacturing and the highest quality organic ingredients with 100% Swiss pure mountain water.

Ageless La Cure embraces the highest ethical standards at every stage of our value added process, proudly complying with ECOCERT organic and fair-trade certifications.
Maintain radiant skin health with our highly effective, pure, botanical based products designed to make your skin look and feel Ageless.