This butter from the Amazon rain forest belongs to the cocoa family.


cupuaçu butter

anti-aging, hydrating, elasticity, circulation, anti-inflammatory, restructuring

  • exceptional hydrating potential with a 440% water absorption capacity
  • easily replenishes your skin
  • provides elasticity properties
  • restructures skin and tissues
  • may assist with red, irritated skin
  • excellent Omegas 6 and 9 content for cell growth; it's rich in gamma linoloeic acid (GLA) which is vital in helping the skin to maintain its balance of moisture
    • Omega 6 fights inflammation and promotes circulation; GLA mentioned above comes from Omega 6
    • Omega 9 is also known to promote a healthy inflammation response and supports the immune system

Ageless product with cupuaçu butter, among other unique ingredients

Five Secrets Facial Serum and Cream Kit Duo for a Three-Week Cure