Skin Hydration is an important part of maintaining healthy, young looking skin

Skin Hydration is an important part of maintaining healthy, young looking skin

Hydration and moisturization of our skin is an important issue in order to maintain healthy, young looking skin. Moisturizing creams, face exfoliants, purifying masks and firming eye serums all play an important role in maintaining healthy looking skin. Minerals are also essential ingredients in maintain and reversing signs of aging.

Loading up on skin care products that are rich in minerals helps keep the skin well hydrated because nourishing hydrating creams can be best be absorbed when minerals are present. A lack of minerals in your system can be a primary reason why hydrating skincare may not be working for you. 

Keep the skin oxygenated for radiant, glowing, hydrated skin. Facial massage and scrubs (don't overdo the scrubs!), keeping the skin gently cleansed, sweating out toxins through exercise, deep breathing, even holding your head upside down for a couple minutes each day will promote oxygenation to the skin, not to mention the next topic: blood circulation.

Poor circulation also contributes to skin dehydration. It, too, causes the skin to look dull, dry and lifeless. Venous circulation is critical in the removal of carbonic gas naturally created by cell metabolism as well as the removal of all sorts of other toxins. Carbonic gas contributes to a dull complexion and also to heavy legs and varicose veins. 

The Ageless La Cure skincare line by PHYTO5 provides excellent mineralizing and anti-inflammatory properties, increases fluid circulation, promotes oxygenation of skin, diminishes swelling and puffiness, and rehydrates and rejuvenates the skin. The entire line is quintessentially geared for skin hydration, nourishing, toning and lifting.

For centuries, essential oils have been known to promote supple, hydrated skin. Expert use and formulation of blends of premium-grade essential oils can improve skin hydration and Ageless La Cure knows just how to do it. 

Other current leading edge natural compounds have been found to increase skin hydration and encourage a higher level of moisture retention. The Aquaxyl ingredient in Ageless La Cure skincare is one such compound. It’s a high-tech, hydrating complex derived from natural wheat (gluten-free) and wood elements.

Clinical tests have shown noticeable, sustainable moisture retention results in three weeks or less. In addition to creating smoother skin in 21 days or less, with normal desquamation and the smoothing of fine lines, Aquaxyl promotes effective circulation of moisture throughout all the layers of the skin. Additionally, it boosts hyaluronic levels known to act as a cushion and tissue lubricant. Finally, it reinforces the skin barrier very quickly after application (within 24 hours) by limiting water loss and increasing water reserves in the skin.

Emulium® Kappa2 is an organic natural compound composed primarily of candelilla (a species of flowering plant native to Texas, Mexico and New Mexico), jojoba oil and rice bran. It, too, promotes moisture retention of the skin and is a unique ingredient found in Ageless La Cure skincare.

Though not a compound, squalane is proven to lock moisture into the skin. It’s a 100% natural saturated oil, highly stable, and derived from olive. It’s one of the most effective oils known to combat aging and drying of the skin.


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