A very powerful universal essential oil, its use dating back many centuries having been traded in the Middle East and North Africa for more than 5,000 years, myrrh has a long history of medical use along the Silk Road from Arabia into China. Myrrh essential oil has been part of medical practice in traditional therapies for millennia.

myrrh essential oil (also known as commiphora mukul essential oil)

anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, hydrating, elasticity, healing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, soothing

  • packed with antioxidants, slows aging
  • provides anti-wrinkle action and skin rejuvenation 
    • plumps and fills wrinkles from within by increasing synthesis of lipids
    • tones and offers a profound lifting action
  • improves complexion by improving circulation and thus, removal of toxins
  • aids in tissue repair
  • heals cracked skin
  • helps heal wounds
  • antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiparisitic

Ageless product with commiphora mukul (myrrh) essential oil, among other unique ingredients

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