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Extreme Hydrating Cream + Oligo 5 Mineral Spray Special Offer—Save $30.50 (just $108.50 for both)

Get 50% off Oligo 5 Mineral Spray when you buy Extreme Hydrating Cream. Trace minerals are critically needed no matter what skin condition you have to ensure proper hydration. Oligo 5 is the solution.


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Award winning Ageless La Cure Extreme Hydrating Creamrated by the Swiss Skin Test Institute as "Excellent Moisturizer," their highest score–goes beyond the typical wrinkle cream, packed with a pure balance of organic oils and compounds designed to provide extreme hydration and protection when skin needs it most. It's clinically proven to deliver a 50% increase moisture improvement in a few hours and up to 60% in two weeks. Extreme Hydrating Cream is a supremely effective anti-aging moisturizer. Learn More

Oligo 5 is a 100% natural origin mineral delivery spray for the skin; Oligo, short for oligonucleotide, comes from the Greek 'oligoi,' meaning few or containing a relatively small number of units. In this case, these units are manganese, cobalt, zinc, magnesium and copper (plus algae) in PHYTO5's 100% natural origin Oligo5 sensational product. Learn More