Five Secrets of Anti-Aging: The Ageless Approach


Aging of the skin is caused by five factors:

  1. the absence of proper and sustained hydration and moisturization

  2. a lack of minerals

  3. reduced free circulation of energy and fluids

  4. a diminished ability to produce two essential proteins collagen and elastin in the skin

  5. destructive free radicals in the system

By confronting these factors with high-tech unique ingredients combined with essential oils and other natural ingredients, signs of aging of the skin can be largely arrested and youthful beauty restored and maintained.

Award-winning Ageless La Cure addresses these five root causes and delivers scientifically verified results. This skincare collection has been recognized in the pages of Vogue, numerous beauty industry organizations, and by a flourishing global clientele.

Ageless La Cure Turns Five Negative Factors Into Five Positive Anti-Age Actions


1. Hydrate and Moisturize

Aquaxyl in Ageless La Cure skincare increases hydration and encourages a higher level of moisture retention. Aquaxyl is a high-tech, hydrating complex derived from natural wheat (gluten-free) and wood elements. Clinical tests have shown noticeable, sustainable moisture retention results in three weeks or less.

2. Mineralize

Algae is rich in trace minerals, proteins, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to its excellent mineral delivery ability, this seaweed (Laminaria digitata) also assists to revitalize and draw moisture to the skin, firm and tone, and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.



3. Lift, Firm, Tone

Easyliance and high-grade flower and plant essential oils lend the lifting, firming, and toning action in Ageless La Cure skincare. 

Easyliance is clinically proven to immediately tighten and smooth the skin, decreasing fine lines, especially crow’s feet and contour lines around the mouth. Clinical tests show visible results in less than five minutes. Considered very high-tech, Easyliance is a naturally derived blend of Acacia and Rhizobian gum.

4. Fill Wrinkles from Within

Commiphora mukul extract and Easyliance (mentioned just above) are principle ingredients in the Ageless La Cure collection which assist the skin to immediately begin filling wrinkles from within by synthesizing lipids.

Commiphora mukul, extracted from the roots of the myrrh tree, maintains better skin tone by acting on two enzymes committed to wrinkle filling. 


Commiphora mukul


5. Provide Age-Defying Antioxidants

Beech tree bud extract is clinically proven to increase the skin’s oxygen consumption and cell regeneration. It's derived from naturally fallen beech tree buds which occur at a precise point in the more than 200 year old life of the tree. Beech tree bud extract is legendary and the tree is often referred to as the tree of everlasting youth.