The 411 on High Grade True Essential Oils


🥀The essential oils you may find on department store shelves is NOT the same high quality grade of essential oil used in PHYTO5 skincare products.


🥀The damask rose essential oil used in many Ageless La Cure products is so enormously expensive most other skincare manufacturers will not use it in their product formulations.


The antioxidant-rich Lingonberry provides a potent essential oil for Ageless Extreme Hydrating Cream

The natural chemistry of essential oils is a narrow and specialized field. Essential oil qualities and distillations vary widely among producers and ingredients. The species of the flora being distilled to essential oil, its origin, the soil, climate, and year in which the flora was grown are all factors significantly influencing the end product.

Fact You Might Not Have Known About Essential Oils

  1. Essential oils are distillations from plants, flowers, roots, seeds, shrubs or tree parts. Their quality depends not only on the raw material but also on the extraction or distillation process.

  2. It takes an incredibly large amount of raw material to make a drop of essential oil. For example:

    • 2,500 pounds of rose petals are required for one cup of rose essential oil.

    • 1,300 pounds of cinnamon are required for little more than one half cup (about 5 oz.) of cinnamon essential oil.

  3. Essential oils are derived from the plant's own self-nourishing, protecting and healing fluid. 

  4. Overheating in the extraction process can destroy the vital properties of the plant fluid. 

  5. Essential oils are not to be associated with oily cooking oils. They are less apt to go rancid than other oils.

  6. Essential oils abound in powerful antioxidants and are used as actual anti-oxidants in natural, holistic products. They are considered vital to any anti-aging regimen and they serve to preserve skincare products from rancidity.

  7. Essential oils stimulate blood and lymph circulation and are significant for use in any detoxification program. They amplify the vitality of cells by increasing oxygenation and nourishing the cells.